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The platform assumes the latest trends in the management of dynamic content, personalized, and user-oriented

UCLM launches a new corporate website optimized for mobile devices


UCLM launches a new corporate website optimized for mobile devices


The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) has transformed its corporate website to a new communication platform user-oriented and optimized for mobile devices. The academic institution has conducted a qualitative leap in its first communication channel to provide it the characteristics of web 4.0: accessible, ubiquitous, mobile, wearable, and permanently upgradeable.

A new way of communicating within a new period of time. The University of Castilla-La Mancha releases its new corporate web, which is a step ahead of the main channel of the academic institution with the intention to meet the demands of its users, real or potential. The evolution has resulted in a new platform for mobiles, making it more accessible, ubiquitous, usable and always up-to-date.

The paradigm shift of www.uclm.es responds to the latest trends in content management. It places the user at the center of the conversation in order to create an easier navigation experience, adapted to measure the user’s needs and devices used, and segmented according to their interests.

The web has a dual structure for UCLM purposes ("the raison d'etre" of the institution) and user profiles. The regional University has tasks such as the institutional ("The UCLM"), "Studies", "Research", "Innovation" and "Culture." Concerning profiles, there are the "Prospective Student", "Student" and "Company".

The website of the UCLM is also adapted to the new aesthetic trends, giving great importance to the visual component. Thus, the front page of the website features a horizontal 'slider' in which the most relevant information is presented at all times and is divided by specific sections "of interest", "News" and "Calls and activities."

The new communication platform of the University will also publish its main contents in English version.

UCLM Communication Office. Ciudad Real, March 2017

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