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Commission for the Promotion of Health


Created by agreement of the Board of Governors, the Commission will have ordinary meetings at least twice a year and will have extraordinary meetings as many times as necessary for resolving urgent and/or priority matters.  In both situations, these will be called by the chairperson, who will specify the agenda.


(Agreement of the Board of Governors: 30th of May 2018)

  • Chairperson: the Delegate of the Chancellor for Health Sciences
  • 6 Teaching and Research Staff members (one representative for each campus and site)
    • Ms Susana Aznar Laín (Professor in the Field of Physical Education and Sports  at the Toledo Faculty of Sports Sciences and Deputy Manager of the Department of Sports Sciences)
    • Mr  Darío N. Díaz Méndez (Professor in the Field of Psychology at the Ciudad Real Faculty of Medicine)
    • Ms Begoña Polonio López (Professor in the Field of Physiotherapy and dean of the Talavera de la Reina Faculty of Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Nursing)
    • Ms Lucía I Castro Vázquez (Professor in the Field of Nutrition and Bromotology at the Albacete Faculty of Pharmacy)
    • Ms Rosa M. Martínez García (Professor at the Cuenca Faculty of Nursing)
    • Ms María del Carmen Mata Montes (Professor at the Almadén School of Mine Engineering and Industry)
  • 2 Teaching and Administration and Services Staff members
    • Mr Julián Gómez Gonzalez (Executive Director of the Health and Safety Commission)
    • Ms Miren Edurne Altuna Simón (Director in the Field of Infrastructures)
  • 2 Student representatives 
    • Ms Clara M. Pina Leyva (representing the students)
    • Mr Raúl Carretero Antón (representing the students)
  • 1 member of research staff in training 
    • Mr  Asier Mañas Bote (representing research staff in training)
  • The secretary will be designated by the Chairperson


The duties of the Commission for the Promotion of Health are:

  • To design suitable programmes to achieve the following objectives:
    • To promote the university as an environment favourable to health.
    • To promote Research and Teaching.
    • To promote exchanges of experiences.
    • To jointly encourage and promote work between the public health bodies, the regional community institutions and the universities.
    • To reach a consensus on lines of strategy and work to carry out a university project which promotes health.
    • To enable common projects to be drawn up and developed along the strategic lines of the Network.
    • To enable participation in the international network of healthy universities.
    • To promote the provision of services and activities aimed at promoting health for the university community.
  • To inform, propose and coordinate actions to be carried out with the centres, departments, units and student delegations.
  • To organize activities and to manage and oversee their implementation.
  • To monitor and draw up the corresponding Report.
  • Any other duty entrusted to it by Law, the Statutes, the UCLM Chancellor or Board of Governors.