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The document will come into force once it is endorsed by the Board of Governors

The Negotiation Commission has unanimously passed the Equality Plan for the UCLM


The Negotiation Commission has unanimously passed the Equality Plan for the UCLM


The Equality Plan has been unanimously passed by the Negotiation Commission made up of representatives of the academic institution and all trade union organisations. The document which will come into force having been endorsed by the Board of Governors, includes 12 focal points and 85 actions for achieving real equality between people who make up the organization.

The instrument responds to the European and national international regulations framework and shows the commitment of this academic institution to abolishing any type of discrimination in terms of selecting and training staff, salaries, work and employment, professional classification, as well as organising work time and comprehension in terms of joint-responsibility.

The document has been endorsed and unanimously approved by the Negotiating Commission of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) Plan for Equality made up of staff from the institution itself as well as trade union bodies represented at the regional university and is pending endorsement by the Board of Governors, from which time it will come into force. The Plan for Equality has two phases: the first one is negotiating and approving the analysis in December 2019; and the second regards analysis, negotiation and approval between the months of September and November 2020.

The UCLM Plan for Equality is made up of 12 focal points and 85 actions. The focal points are as follows: implementation of culture and respect for the right to equal treatment and non-discrimination; institutional image of the UCLM, information, communication and raising awareness; selection and staff hiring process; promotion and training, joint-responsibility; teaching, research and transfer of knowledge; under representation; professional classification and earnings; other employment conditions; health and safety at work; prevention of sexual harassment and gender discrimination; gender-based violence; and inclusive work with sexual orientation and identity and expression of gender:LGBT persons. Moreover, it includes three appendixes with a summary of the analyses, links to the action Protocol against sexual discrimination, gender harassment, discriminatory harassment and against all kinds of harassment and violence at the UCLM and violation of the Protocol for name changes for trans and intergender staff at the UCLM, as well as a glossary of basic terms as regards gender equality.

The UCLM Equality Unit will be entrusted with assessing that the university community is complying with the measures and activities foreseen in the Plan for Equality, which will be in force for four years from the time it is endorsed by the Board of Governors. Still pending is the appointment and formal set up of the Regulatory Commission and following the Plan whose function will be taken on by the Negotiating Commission.

UCLM Communications Office Ciudad Real, 16th of November 2020

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