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  • If the door is hot, do not open it. If there is smoke outside, do not go out. Look for another exit.
  • If the smoke enters the room, block the cracks indoors with rags or damp clothes and ask for help through windows or by telephone.
  • If there is smoke, cover your mouth and nose with a wet cottoned piece of cloth.
  • In case of emergency do not use the elevators, use the stairs.
  • Crawling low under the smoke is important because smoke rises and the temperature is higher at the top of the room.
  • Try to evacuate close to the wall.
  • If the path is filled with smoke, do not try to cross it, go back.
  • Never come back to pick up personal items (only in case of a bomb menace).
  • Help those in such need.
  • At the exit, go to the meeting point and check if anyone around us is missing
  • If your clothes catch fire, do not run, stop, droll and roll.
  • Cover injured or burned people with big clothes and wait for the arrival of emergency medical services.


In many buildings of the UCLM, you can find posters with these rules of action.


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