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Lying within the framework of a project in which Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Belgium, Greece and Cyprus will also participate

The UCLM will receive over 254 000 euros from Europe to drive modernisation, accessibility and internationalisation


The UCLM will receive over 254 000 euros from Europe to drive modernisation, accessibility and internationalisation


The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) will receive 254, 341 euros from the project 'Entrepreneurial Preparation for Notable and Engaging Universities' (ENTREPRENEUR) to drive modernisation, accessibility, entrepreneurship and internationalization. With total funding surpassing one million euros, it is coordinated from Poland and also participating as beneficiaries are universities and higher education centres in Lithuania, Sweden and Belgium and two consultants from Greece and Cyprus.

The funding body, the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT), is an integral part of Horizonte Europa whose aim is to strengthen the capacity of EU countries to innovate, by nurturing entrepreneurship and business talent and supporting new ideas. Some of its objectives are to increase competitivity in Europe, promote sustainable economic growth and nurture job creation by promoting and reinforcing cooperation between leading businesses, educational institutions and centres of innovation. 

In this area, the ENTREPRENEUR project is a two-year initiative aimed at supporting modernisation, accessibility and internationalization in order to foster an all-embracing socio-economic growth in the countries involved. The initiatives implemented within the ENTREPRENEUR framework must also ensure the goals and principles of development and EU external action are met, including social cohesion, equity, geographical balance and diversity among other factors. 

Along with the UCLM, universities and other higher education centres in Poland (coordinator), Lithuania, Sweden and Belgium , as well as two consultants from Greece and Cyprus will participate in the project, The participation of the UCLM, driven by the Vice-chancellor´s office for Internationalization in collaboration with the Vice-chancellors´Office for Innovation, Employment and Entrepreneurship also involves the Albacete Higher School of Computer Science, the Toledo Faculty of Sports Sciences and the Talavera de la Reina Faculty of Social Sciences.

The consortium aims to nurture business skills which enable students to tackle certain challenges in their personal and professional future. To do so, the UCLM will participate actively by coordinating part of the implementation of a 3-month programme for entrepreneurship and mentoring of a multidisciplinary nature in the field of health, social sciences and ITC which will culminate in the organisation of a hackathon and events in which ideas and proposals thought up can be presented. 

UCLM Communication Office Toledo, 21st of July 2022.


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