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The Faculty of Pharmacy was inaugurated by the rector of the UCLM, Miguel Ángel Collado, together with the regional president, Emiliano García-Page, and the mayor of Albacete, Manuel Serrano

The Biosanitary Campus of Albacete is consolidated with the Faculty of Pharmacy


The Biosanitary Campus of Albacete is consolidated with the Faculty of Pharmacy


The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) was inaugurated by the rector of the academic institution, Miguel Angel Collado, together with the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, and the mayor of Albacete, Manuel Serrano, in addition to a large group of political and academic authorities and social representatives. This three-storey building occupies an area of 6,172 square meters, located in the Biosanitary Campus of Albacete, next to the Faculty of Medicine; Regional Center for Biomedical Research (C.R.I.B.); the Institute for the Research on Neurological Disabilities (IDINE); and the University Hospital of Albacete. It had an investment close to eight million euros, co-financed with FEDER funds.

The Faculty of Pharmacy opens the doors of its new building to the society today, although the students began the classes the past 11 September. The rector of the UCLM, Miguel Ángel Collado, accompanied by the regional president, Emiliano García-Page, and the mayor of Albacete, Manuel Serrano, in addition to a large group of authorities and social representatives, have inaugurated these new facilities that will continue teaching the studies of the Degree in Pharmacy—which initially began in the department of the Polyvalent building of the Campus of Albacete the academic course 2010/2011.

After unveiling the inauguration plaque and visiting some of the spaces of the Center, such as classrooms, laboratories or offices, the authorities went to the hall of the building, a space open to students and to make their interventions.

First of all, the Rector, who said that we are in good luck, recalled that this work is now a reality after seven years, after overcoming different challenges such as funding, which comes from 80% FEDER funds, and 20% from the UCLM contribution through the nominative subsidy of the regional government. Another challenge highlighted by Miguel Ángel Collado is the contracting of the work, acknowledging its complicity to the company COINVEGAR, in charge of carrying it out; as well as the urban challenge of creating a biosanitary campus. In this sense, the rector indicated that "this building is a very important step in the consolidation of the Biosanitary Campus of Albacete, since it is important, not only for training, but also for the growth as a university and as a region."

Collado wanted to thank, at this point, all the financial support received, not only by the regional government and city council, but also by the center's Dean team, teachers, administration staff and services, the students themselves, and the members of the regional university of this and other campuses. "We want to create an alliance between the University, public authorities, and private companies to advance in the knowledge society, to create wealth, research, and transfer it to society," he reported.

The rector of the UCLM, who described the new building, emphasized as the main value of this faculty its human resources. In this sense, he recalled that in this degree, three promotions have graduated "brightly" in the Polyvalent building, and it is experiencing a considerable growth in the number of students, since the number of incoming studies was 60, a figure that will double concerning next course.

For his part, the regional president spoke of a feeling of happiness on behalf of everyone when he saw this "excellent work" finished, as he described, and adding that the UCLM and the regional government will share the strategy of progress and future. At this point, he indicated that "this will be the year to sign the agreement, pact, or contract-program" between both institutions. "We do consider that a region without university cannot successfully complete the important task of training. It makes no sense that having one of the best education systems and a university to be proud of, when it's time to leave the university, people have to go abroad to make a living, "he stated.

The city is in luck too, in the words of Manuel Serrano, who spoke of a young, leading school, and one of the most prominent in the country, "which has culminated successfully with the biosanitary campus," he said. The mayor of Albacete considered worth mentioning the collaboration of the city council with the UCLM through an agreement whereby the technological equipment of the laboratories of the Center will be carried out by the city council, and the regional university will cede the spaces between faculties and the plaza of this campus for the enjoyment of the neighbors.

The building

The building, located on the Jose Mª Sánchez Ibáñez Street, is based on criteria of sustainability, energy, and environment, occupying an area of approximately 6,200 square meters, being only 5,500 useful square meters. The Faculty of Pharmacy stands on three floors: the classrooms and the Administration and Dean area are located on the ground floor; the offices of teachers—20 doubles and six singles—are on the first floor are; and on the third floor, the laboratories, a total of eleven, and a reagent storehouse.

The functional program includes, among other areas: two computer rooms, seven teaching classrooms and two seminars, an auditorium, a classroom to work in group, and a classroom of simulation of a pharmacy office—the first one in the faculties of Spanish Pharmacy.

Office of Communications. Albacete, September 14, 2015

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