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The Ministry cites the UCLM strategy of internationalization in Asia as an example of good practices.


The Ministry cites the UCLM strategy of internationalization in Asia as an example of good practices.


The Spanish service for the Internationalization of Education (SEPIE) has cited the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) strategy of internationalization in Asia as an example of good practices. The organization, which is dependent on the Ministry for Universities, stressed "the magnificent work and involvement" of the institution in the Erasmus + project in the 2016-2018 call, as stated by the Vice-chancellor´s Office for Internationalization and lifelong learning.

15 higher education institutions from nine Asian countries participated in this project, whose main objective was to promote the internationalization of universities in all their structures for the benefit of students, teaching staff and services and administration staff.

Throughout the two-year duration of the project, not only has there been an improvement in the academic knowledge the participants require for professional development, but also in their ability to move in a globalized world. "The linguistic, cultural and educational skills the participants gained had a direct impact on the partner institutions and on an individual level on their professional development and employability " the head of the Vice-chancellor´s office explained.

During this project, a total of 71 mobilities were made out of which 37 were for staff and 34 were for students. Within these staff mobilities, most were for teachers, who gave classes in different fields of knowledge and at different levels, and four were for training and observing good practices. The UCLM staff also participated in activities such as Erasmus Staff Week, an initiative which encourages stays by Administration and Services Staff for a week of training and to exchange good practices among the staff from different partner institutions.

As for the 34 student mobilities, the UCLM campus was visited by five students from China (three degree and two doctorates), three Georgians (degree), four Indians (two degree , one Master´s and one doctorate), five Jordanians (four degree and one Master´s), eight Kazakhs (degree), one Lebanese student (degree) and eight Uzbeks (degree). Erasmus + has therefore meant "an important boost in the drive of the UCLM for internationalization in Asia".

The institutional presence has been reinforced by a range of actions, the most outstanding of which is the effort made in Central Asia, where the UCLM was an outstanding guest at international fairs and this academic year, it has opened Spanish classrooms in different cities in Kazakhstan (Almaty and Shymkent) and Uzbekistan (Tashkent and Samarkand). It also signed an agreement with Bolashaq, which has enabled the arrival of 49 Kazakh students to the campus " and they are expected to keep on coming in the academic year 2020/2021".

As for China, the 2017 opening of the Confucius Institute "has promoted a new relationship with the Asian giant and both the university and the region are benefiting from different initiatives and activities for promoting learning of the Chinese language and culture". For examples, the different courses given (such as "Negotiate in China") or the New Year celebrations.

Moreover, "thanks to the drive of the UCLM teaching staff, it still has an important position in the Middle East, specifically in Jordan and the Lebanon, where exchanges and projects continue to be produced year after year, while in India, a country in which the UCLM currently has foreign language support assistants, "this year we have received delegates from important institutions such as the Vellore University of Technology".

UCLM Communication Office Toledo, 29th of April 2020.

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