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According to statistics from Universities, Centres and Degrees

The UCLM is the seventh most popular choice of public university which pre-university students opt for


The UCLM is the seventh most popular choice of public university which pre-university students opt for


‘Statistics from the Universities, Centres and Degrees’ published each year by the Ministry of Education show the University of Castilla-La mancha (UCLM) to be the seventh most popular choice of public university this academic year 2017-18. Demand from pre-university students wishing to study for a degree at the UCLM surpassed the number of places this educational establishment could provide, with excess demand which was 22% greater than that registered for the overall rate for public presential universities in Spain.

‘Statistics from Universities, Centres and Degrees’, which the Ministry of Education published on the 5th of April, show that there were 379,255 applications from pre-university year students throughout Spain regarding new student first-choice degree studies, when out of the 47 presential public universities in Spain, only 245,203 requests could be accommodated. This means there was surplus demand of 54.7% in respect to the overall provision of presential places at public universities. This percentage rose to 88.2% for the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), thereby placing it as the seventh most popular presential public university in Spain.

Therefore,the surplus demand for the 47 degrees from the UCLM programme was higher than the average for Spanish presential public universities, which resulted in 81.6% of places for new students provided by the regional university were taken, which means almost 9 out of every 10 places provided were filled for degree studies.

Within the 2016-2022 Strategic Plan, the UCLM has been making policies to reorder places for new students in the last few academic years. The aim of this is two-fold: to match its programme to that demanded by pre-university students and thereby to strengthen its connection with strategic sectors which offer the greatest opportunities for employment. In these two academic years, the preference rate has increased 5.5 percentage points while the rate places are filled has been maintained at high levels above 86% with an average entrance mark from the 5,111 pre-university year students who entered the UCLM by pre-registration this academic year, 2017-18 ,of 8.3 points.

These statistics were published as the UCLM prepares to receive pre-university year students on the Open Days held at the weekend on the 14th and 15th of April on the Ciudad Real and Toledo campuses and on the 21st and 22nd of April on those in Albacete and Cuenca, with important new formats for the visits and in presenting the programme.

UCLM Communication Office, Ciudad Real, 6th of April 2018

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