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2 June 2022

We are happy to introduce our brand new rotavap and fumehood!

1 June 2022
Carlos Gines

We are happy to welcome Carlos Ginés to our group, as a new PhD student.

17 November 2021
Jornadas San Alberto

We participate in the open day from the Faculty of Chemistry within the Science Week at UCLM. We turn "wine" into water! It's not magic, it's Science...

9 November 2021
Blanca tesis

We are happy to welcome Blanca Parra back to our group, this time as a graduate student to carry out her doctoral thesis.

01 October 2021
Alberto Master

We welcome Alberto Moreno, new Master student joining our group.

14 July 2021
MSc thesis Blanca

Congratulations to our Master student Blanca Parra for her brilliant MSc thesis defense on boron and iridium luminescent compounds.

09 July 2021
Premio Blanca

Congratulations to our Master student Blanca Parra for being awarded the Second Prize in Social Media Interactions in the XV Young Science Symposium of the UCLM for her video-presentation: "DERIVADOS LUMINISCENTES DE BORO E IRIDIO CON LIGANDOS AMIDINA" that you can watch on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODZrNPpcc_A

22 February 2021
Jesus and mari paz

We welcome 3rd year undergraduate students Jesús Naranjo Rodríguez and Mari Paz García Núñez to our lab!

07 September 2020
Blanca Parra Cadenas joins our group again, this time as a master's student. Welcome back, Blanca!
01 September 2020
We welcome (again) Dr. David Elorriaga to our research group, who also completed his doctoral thesis previously in the group. David holds a postdoctoral contract linked to a Talent Retention Project of the Castilla-La Mancha Community Board for a period of two years.
19 February 2020

It’s been an honor to have had prof. Amir Hoveyda, from Boston College and the University of Strasbourg, with us today at the Faculty of Chemical Sciences in Ciudad Real. He gave an amazing and passionate lecture on his later results on olefin metathesis using catalysts with the metal he’s pointing at in the picture.

11 November 2019

We congratulate our colleague and COMCat group member Mª Isabel López Solera who has become Full Professor in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

23 October 2019

We congratulate our colleague and COMCat group member Fernando Carrillo Hermosilla who has become Full Professor in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

17-19 September 2019

Our research group has been present in the recent "UK-Spain Organometallic Chemistry Symposium", whcih took place in Alcalá de Henares (Spain). Our colleague Fernando Carrillo has presented a poster and has also been the chairman in one of the sessions of the symposium. For more information and pictures of the event, you can check out the webpage and twitter of the symposium, and also our twitter:




9 September 2019
We welcome Ángela Mesías Salazar, graduate student from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, who will be staying in our lab for the next 3 months.
12-14 June 2019

Another edition of the International School on Organometallic Chemistry Marcial Moreno Mañas has taken place this year in Castellón. Our group has contributed with an oral presentation by Dr. Estefanía Huergo and a poster presented by Prof. Antonio Antiñolo. For more information:


11 June 2019
We welcome Carlos Martínez Barón to our group. Carlos is a 3rd year Chemistry student who will be joining our group to carry out research work for the subject of Experimentation (4th year Chemistry degree).
5-7 June 2019

This year we have celebrated another edition of the Young Science Symposium in the Faculty of Chemical Sciences and Technologies of UCLM (5-7 June) in which masters’ and graduate students of the different departments of the Faculty have the chance to present their research works in oral and poster sessions. This year we have had more than 100 participants, with 35 oral presentations, 28 posters and 5 plenary lectures from professors from other universities. As in previous years, COMCat group have actively participated in the organization of the event and Dr. Estefanía Huergo has contributed with a poster. For more information:



3 June 2019
We welcome Blanca Parra Cadenas to our research group. Blanca is a 3rd year chemistry degree student who has been awarded a research grant from IRICA to work in our lab from June to September.
6 May 2019
Congratulations to Sonia Moreno Blázquez, former Master's student in our group, who has been the recipient of the Master's thesis award by the territorial section of the RSEQ (Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry) with a thesis entitled "Zinc amidinates and boron guanidinates: reactivity toward small molecules".
26 April 2019
We bid farewell to Yérsica Ríos, graduate student from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, who is returning to Chile after a 6-month stay in our lab. Good luck with your thesis!
8 April 2019
We are glad to have Dr. Edwin Otten with us today, giving an interesting talk on metal-ligand cooperative catalysis
2 April 2019
We welcome Loris Gelin, visiting M.Sc. student at Université de Bourgogne, who will be working with us for the next 3 months..