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The chancellor has presented a programme in Cuenca made up of 53 activities, 21 of which are based in rural areas

The UCLM recognises the support given by people living in rural areas in the 35th Summer Course and University Extension

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The UCLM recognises the support given by people living in rural areas in the 35th Summer Course and University Extension


The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) presented the 35th Summer Course and University Extension, which recognises "the effort made by people from Castilla-La Mancha and the support given to the institution over its four decades since it was founded" as stated by the chancellor, Julián Garde. Driven by the Vice-chancellor´s office for Culture, Sport and Social Responsibility and produced by the Centre of Research and Development of the Image (CIDI),as elements of graphic identity the campaign compiles the photographs donated by local people, especially from rural areas.

This contribution from people from Castilla-La Mancha, as the chancellor stressed, is one original thing from this edition. This has received additional funding from the Cardenal Gil de Albornoz university patronage and the Castilla-La Mancha Parliament and which links a significant part of the programme to rural areas. "Topics related to depopulation , rural development and local action groups will be covered. We will also hold several courses in the municipalities in the region", he explained. For Garde, 2022 is a very special year because it commemorates the 35th anniversary of the summer courses, but also  marks the 40th anniversary of the legal  foundation of the UCLM , which coincided with the passing of the autonomous status.  

Also, the Vice-chancellor´s office for Culture, Sport and Social Responsibility, César Sánchez stressed the prominence of the population and the territory of Castilla-La Mancha in the 35th Summer Course and indicated that this is the campaign " for recognition, hope and pride". It shows acknowledgement for " our people, villages and landscapes" because " we are proud to come from here, to be from this university and that we live in the countryside". 
Sánchez also explained that this call will subsidise 50% of student fees, so the cost will be 20 euros per programme. Also, when selecting courses holding them in municipalities has been prioritised " in this way, it is aligned with the Law on Economic, Social and Tax Measures as opposed to Depopulation" and which cover contents related to the demographic challenge and rural development.

This campaign includes a total of 53 courses, out of which 11 will be held in Albacete, 14 in Ciudad Real, 19 in Cuenca and seven in Toledo. Municipalities such as Chinchilla, Valdepeñas, Tragacete, Seseña and Alcázar de San Juan, among others will play host to some of these educational programmes between May and October. " We present 50 in-house activities and three in collaboration with other institutions. This means there are ten more courses than last year. Moreover, 21 of these actions will take place in the countryside" the chancellor remarked. With this edition, an average of 20-25 people per course are expected per course. " We are very excited, hopeful and proud because we are showing what we want people to see about this university" he said as a concluding remark.

The promotional campaign is dynamic and its online resources will be constantly refreshed as new photographs arrive. Those interested in participating may send them in by email to the Vice-chancellor´s office for Culture, Sport and University Extension, whose headquarters are in Cuenca.

UCLM Communication Office Cuenca, 19th of May 2022


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