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Center of Languages

l Centro de Lenguas (CEL) the University of Castilla – La Mancha, attached to the Vice-rectorate for Internationalisation and Lifelong Learning, is a commitment to multilingualism in the society of Castilla – La Mancha and in the university community. The knowledge of foreign languages and cultures will make current students future competitive professionals with the capacity for dialogue, in a world where it is increasingly essential to master languages and the ability to communicate with people from different countries and cultures. To this end, it offers the university community and citizens of the region a wide range of training opportunities.

On the one hand, the CEL has the program Learn Languages in your Campus, both European and Asian, as well as the organization of level tests for the accreditation of levels within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Our certificates of proficiency in a foreign language are recognised by the UCLM.  In addition, the certificates of proficiency corresponding to English Level B1 of May 2018 and during the year 2019, under the seal CertAcles (http://www.acles.es/es/certificados-idiomas), are recognized throughout the Spanish national territory and in those European countries with which ACLES has an agreement.

On the other hand, the CEL is committed to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, a language that has gained great importance in the world, which has led to a notable growth in the demand for education. In order to satisfy this demand, the CEL aims to promote the offer of courses for foreign students and the training of teachers of Spanish as a foreign language, which currently constitutes an important professional outlet. The tasks undertaken by the CEL are closely linked to the process of internationalisation, to the mobility of students and teachers, as well as to the employability of its graduates. These are vitally important aspects, since they constitute the basic pillars of the European Higher Education Area.