Outbound mobility
Information for UCLM students

The University of  Castilla-La Mancha offers you a wide range of options for finishing your education abroad;you may carry out part of your studies at another European university (Erasmus programme), you may do work placements in European companies ( Leonardo da Vinci programme) and you may even stay as a foreign language assistant  at a university in Canada, the USA, Australia or New Zealand (foreign language assistant programme).

Here you will find general information about these and other programmes as well as the requirements, calls, deadlines and steps to follow.

There is also the Cicerone Programme to help international students to integrate into university life.


International mobility programmes

The mission of ERASMUS + is to promote European cooperation in education, from primary education to higher education and from new technologies to adult learning.

In simple terms, ERASMUS  offers a unique possibility to study in another European country for a period of between 3 and 12 months. This stay will  provide you with cultural , linguistic and academic enrichment by means of  recognition of studies and credits.

The participating countries are the member states of the European Union and the countries associated with the programme.

Requirements which UCLM student applicants must fulfil


  • Be enrolled at the University of  Castilla-La Mancha. For tertiary education students who apply for an ERASMUS grant, concession is conditioned by acceptance to the corresponding UCLM Doctorate Programme.
  • Be a Spanish national, from a member state of the European Union (or associated) or have the status of permanent resident, be recognized as stateless  or have refugee status.
  • Know the language in which classes at the selected university are  taught. An intermediate level is enough.

Documentation and deadlines for presenting it.

Applications may be made on-line by means of the computer application for international relations (AIReI) in the official call of the Vice-chancellor´s office for Internationalization

  •  Iberoamerica grants. Degrees

    The "Iberoamerica grants" programme. Santander Grado" is a programme driven by the Santander Group which is intended to promote student exchange and mobility between Latin American universities, which is a necessary  condition in order to progress towards building a Latin American space of socially responsible knowledge. The general structure of the programme has been conceived with the will to ensuring studies are recognized, that exchanges are reciprocal and gradually reaching all Latin American countries.
  • Iberoamérica grants. Santander Investigación (Research)

    The "Iberoamerica grants" programme. Santander Investigación" is a programme driven by the  bank Santander  which is intended to promote the exchange and mobility of young professors, researchers and doctorate students between Latin American universities and research centres, which is a necessary condition in order to progress towards building a Latin American space of socially responsible knowledge.
Information for teaching and non-teaching staff at the UCLM

International mobility programmes for teaching and training.

With the stays for professors, there is a training option for teachers of higher education institutions and to staff  invited by companies, apart from  training opportunities   for teaching and non-teaching staff at higher education institutions. In teaching work activities among higher education institutions from countries participating in the programme, both institutions must have the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) and have signed an inter-institutional agreement.