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With their headquarters in New York, it is made up of 168 universities in 28 countries.

The UCLM joins an international network which promotes collaborative online learning


The UCLM joins an international network which promotes collaborative online learning


The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) by means of the Vice-chancellor´s office for Internationalization has joined the COIL international exchange network, "Connect for Virtual Exchange, a non-profit academic corporation whose headquarters are in New York and is aimed at promoting international development for this learning methodology on an institutional scale.

Collaborative Online International Learning is a method which links students and professors in different places all over the world to learn, discuss and collaborate between each other. The professors design the activities together and the students execute them, integrating COIL in the classroom in such a way that they all have a meaningful intercultural experience when studying.
The aim of this methodology is to " encourage sustainable internationalization, train global citizens and strengthen links of collaboration and flexibility" states the Vice-chancellor´s office for Internationalization. Together with the UCLM, 168 universities which are institutional members and 561 which are individual ones from 28 countries are part of this network.
"The UCLM academic policy for Internationalization is driving COIL methodology as a high value tool for student and professor internationalization, from the Vice-chancellor´s office, and they call on teaching and research staff to promote the implementation of this methodology in their educational practices.

UCLM Communication Office Toledo, 21st of February  2022.

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