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Within the state plan for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience

The UCLM obtains 5.3 million euros in funds for 31 projects for the Ecological and Digital Transition

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The UCLM obtains 5.3 million euros in funds for 31 projects for the Ecological and Digital Transition


The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) has obtained 5.3 million euros in funds for the final resolution for the call for Strategic Projects aimed at the Ecological and Digital Transition from the Ministry of Science and Innovation from the Spanish government, funded within the framework of the Plan for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience.

The university is in 14th position out of over 80 Spanish universities, after having obtained 5.3 million euros for implementing a total of 31 research projects, each of which lasts two years. Out of the 31 projects from the university which will receive funding at this state call, there are a remarkably large number of fields of knowledge, with ITC (Information Technologies and Communication), which at 1,594,360 euros, is that which has gained most funding.
The aim of this call is to advance environmental objectives such as mitigating climate change, sustainable use of resources and protecting ecosystems by means of creating scientific knowledge and implementing technologies, as well as promoting infrastructures and skills for the transition to a digital economy and society. 

The university has also received funds for Energy and Transport projects; Industrial Production, Civil Engineering and for Society; Environmental Sciences and Technologies; Chemical Sciences and Technologies; Material Sciences and Technologies; Food and Agriculture Sciences; Mathematical Sciences; Law, Biomedicine and Educational Sciences.
Therefore, 30.06% of funds for the UCLM for this call is for projects in the area of ITC with a total of nine projects, followed by Energy and Transport ( 14.16%) ; Industrial Production, Civil  Engineering and for Society ( 12.6%); Environmental Sciences and Technologies (11.73%);  Chemical Sciences and Technologies (8.74%); Food and Agriculture Sciences (6.35%); Mathematical Sciences (4.49%);  Law (4.02%); Material Sciences and Technologies (3.69%);  Biomedicine (2.21%) and Educational Sciences (1.93%).
The project which received most funding, 343, 160 euros, is headed by Juan Carlos López, professor at the Higher School of Computer Science in Ciudad Real.

Likewise, the Institute in Hunting Resources (IREC), a CSIC-UCLM-JCCM mixed centre for research, obtained funds amounting to 476,100 euros for two more projects.
The Vice-chancellor for Scientific Policy for the UCLM, Antonio Mas López, stressed “the immense strength of the proposals presented by the UCLM researchers”, both those funded and those which did not make the grade, all of which address topics of great importance and transcendency for tackling current challenges in society.


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