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ccording to the Ruling of 04/04/2016 of the University of Castilla-La Mancha on delegation of responsibilities of the Chancellor on different matters and for different institutions, the Secretary General is responsible for:

Without affecting the responsibilities conferred to the Secretary General in virtue of article 58 of the University Statutes, this body has been delegated with:



  • Powers and responsibilities for degree-related matters, except signing, and academic certification, both that corresponding to official university education and undergraduate studies.
  • Responsibilities regarding the issue of receipts for the official rights to the degrees which are valid nationwide, as a substitution document whilst this has not been issued, and which must be adjusted to the sole model set by the regulations in force.
  • The previous responsibilities are, similarly, delegated, to the secretaries of the university  teaching centres and exclusively in July and August each year, in the deans, directors, assistant deans and deputy managers of the university centres.
  • The legal and administrative representation of the university in all kinds of business and legal acts. They also have representative powers when these are needed or when deemed appropriate.
  • The ruling on appeals which the Chancellor is responsible for, except those whose settlement has been specifically delegated to another institution, always respecting  the limitation set out in article 13.2 c) of  Law 30/1992 of the 26th of November, of the Legal System for Public Administrations and Common Administration Procedure.
  • Powers for reviewing and monitoring the legality and interpretation powers over the agreements and contracts to be endorsed or endorsed by the university, which a record is kept of, except those under the   protection of the Law of Contracts of Public Administrations.
  • Authorize and request registration of brands, patents and prototypes which have not been delegated to other institutions.
  • Responsibilities regarding active publicity and access rights to public information for citizens, in accordance with that set out in Law 19/2013 of the 9th of December, for transparency, access to public information and sound governance.
  • Responsibilities regarding concession or denial of access rights, rectification and cancellation of data  found in files regulated by Organic Law 15/1999 of the 13th of December on the Protection of Personal Data.
  • Responsibilities in the areas of information systems, information technology and communications, information security and electronic administration.
  • Responsibilities in respect to the visual corporate identity.
  • Interpretation and clarification of Statutes and the regulations and laws for the organization and operation of the university.
  • Coordination of the General Registry and the auxiliary registries of the university.