Dr. José María Herranz de la Casa

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Ph. D. Assistant Professor
Edificio Polivalente – Facultad de Periodismo
Despacho 2.08
Tel: (+ 34) 969 179 100 Ext. 4776

Academic Profile

José María Herranz de la Casa holds a PhD in Journalism from the University Complutense of Madrid. He has worked as a journalist in the sports newspaper MARCA and has also been professor at the Catholic University of Ávila (UCAV) and the Faculty of Humanities and Information in the European Miguel de Cervantes University at Valladolid. In both universities has also been corporate communication director.


Recent Courses

  • Corporate Communication
  • Sport Journalism
  • Specialized Reporting Research Interests
  • Corporate Communication
  • Enviromental and Sport Journalism
  • Social Responsibility
  • Inmersive Journalism, Virtual Reality and 360º video


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