If you are thinking about homologating your foreign degree for the UCLM Degree in Pharmacy, here is some information that may help you.


The first thing you should know is that the procedure can ONLY be initiated when you receive the final resolution from the Ministry and not with the notices and notifications that are usually made beforehand. What we are going to refer to here is a summary of the Procedure for the Homologation of Foreign Degrees of the University of Castilla-La Mancha approved by the Governing Council in 2008 and which you can consult here


Once you have received the final resolution, you must submit a formal and reasoned request to the registry of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (the registry is located in Toledo, Ciudad Real, Cuenca or Albacete and is in person) addressed to the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy. In this document, in addition to requesting admission, you will have to state the subjects that, according to the Ministry's final resolution, you have to validate. You must also submit a copy of the resolution.


Once received, the centre will decide whether or not to admit you. If so, you will be informed of the subjects you must register for. Remember that the Ministry's resolution indicates the training requirements that you must pass, but these do not always correspond to one subject only and it may be that you have to enrol in several subjects to pass a training requirement. If the resolution of the centre is affirmative, this same document, which indicates the subjects that you have to enrol, is sent to the Academic Management Unit of the Albacete Campus, which is the body responsible for enrolment so that they allow you to enrol in these subjects. They will give you an appointment to go and formalise your enrolment. The cost of enrolment is subject to the regulations of the UCLM and the JCCM and is the one approved at that time for all students of the Degree in Pharmacy. 

Once enrolled, from that moment, you will be considered as a student of these subjects and you will have access to Moodle, and you will be in the academic lists. 


It is important that before you start the process and enrol, you take a look at the website and the academic calendars. The Degree in Pharmacy at the UCLM is a face-to-face degree and the laboratory practicals of all subjects are compulsory and face-to-face. Online teaching of any subject is not contemplated in any case.