Medical Education Unit

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Role of the Medical Education Unit

The educational approach implemented in the new Medicine Degree at the Ciudad Real Medical School is based on a complex and systematic planning model, coordinated by the Medical Education Unit (UEM).  

The main roles of the UEM are:

  1. Coordinate programs, educational activities for staff and students, the schedule of academic and practical instruction, exams, and assessment activities (including providing support to implement the Objective Clinical Structured Assessment, ECOE). 
  2. Collaborate in creating educational materials, maintaining and updating the website of the Medical School, and other IT resources necessary (i.e., notice board, etc.). 
  3. Assist with curriculum development and planning. Train, update, and provide guidance to staff and students on educational issues.  
  4. Analyze the teaching/learning process for continuous improvement and adaptation to possible changes in the educational needs.  
  5. Conduct educational research.


  • Eva Fairén Jiménez.

  • Beatriz Rodríguez Pérez.
  • Mónica Serrano García De Mateos