Pharmacy 2023 Lecture Series


Join our lecture series at the School of Pharmacy 2023!

We will have the presence of leading professionals in the field of pharmaceutical research, who will share their knowledge and experiences with us.

The first talk will be given by Daniel Hermida Merino, who will talk about the design of responsive materials for customized pharmaceutical applications from a global approach. Next, Evamarie Hey-Hawkins, from the University of Leipzig, will introduce us to carborane-based composites and their potential emerging applications in medicine.

Continuing our series, Noemí Linares Pérez, from the University of Alicante, will talk about accessible zeolites to improve the sustainability of transformations involving bulky molecules. Gianfranco Diretto, from ENEA Rome, will share his experience in the field of zeolites and their application in pharmaceutical research.

In addition, José Manuel Granadino Roldán, from the University of Jaén, will speak about the metabolic engineering of plants and the molecular production of drugs. Finally, we will close our series with a talk on the use of computational tools in rational drug design.

Specific dates for each talk will be announced several weeks in advance. Please stay tuned to our social media and website for updates - we hope to see you soon at our lectures at the 2023 School of Pharmacy!