• The electronic journals the library subscribes to can be accessed through Publication Finder which enables searches to be run by title, ISSN and by subject.

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  • Electronic journals the library subscribes to can be accessed through Plinio,  the library metasearcher, which enables the entire library resources to be searched, whether these areprinted or electronic material. Also, searches can be run by title, ISSN and by subject.  


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Conditions of use for electronic journals

Copying and mass storage of entire issues of journals, electronic transmission of files and commercial use of information contained in the electronic journals is forbidden. If any of the conditions of use of these resources are breached, the editors can both take legal action against specific users who have infringed these and sanction the whole university community by denying access to information in these journals.


UCLM Journals 

At the University of  Castilla-La Mancha different journals which attempt to provide an overall view of its study areas, are edited. These specialized journals can be classified in turn into scientific, technical-professional or science and cultural outreach. 
Moreover, the open access policies developed by Spanish  universities as of the enactment of Law 14/2011 of the 11st of June, of Science, Technology and Innovation, display a commitment to open communication in its journals, thereby helping research become more visible.

Access to the UCLM journals