Information on Enrolments and Courses
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Phone number: 926295300 Extension: 3203 y  Extension: 6384



Our foreign language certificates are recognized by UCLM.

In addition, the certificates of proficiency corresponding to English Level B1 of May 2018 and during the year 2019, under the seal CertAcles (, are recognized throughout the Spanish national territory and in those European countries with which ACLES has an agreement.

The places in our courses are limited to the maximum number of students per group and the form of access for all of them will be through direct enrolment without pre-registration (it is covered in strict order of enrolment until the places offered are exhausted, when they are completed it will not be possible to enrol despite the fact that the deadline is still active).

In the event that the groups cannot be formed due to not reaching the minimum number of students, the course will be cancelled and the total amount of the fees will be refunded upon request of the student affected by the cancellation of the course  /misiones/internacional/inmersion_linguistica/centro-de-lenguas/normativa

If you have any questions about DOCENCIA, please contact the language coordinator. You can see the information about coordinators /misiones/internacional/inmersion_linguistica/centro-de-lenguas/estructura 



Registration can be done online at the option "Category" / "Learn Languages".

The procedure for the correct registration consists of completing the different phases which follow via the previous link. In the last phase there are two options to execute the payment:    

  1. Download the payment letter, make it in the corresponding bank and send an email to with the receipt of payment. Once this payment letter is presented on the date, the registration will be formalized.
  2. Pay by credit card. If this option is carried out, it will not be necessary to send a scanned payment letter.


To download the electronic certificate you must enter the following link y seguir los siguientes pasos:

  • Obtaining diplomas form your own courses, seminars, conferences and workshops/Start
  • You must login with:
    • Access with Corporate User: your ID without letter and password.


    • Accesswith Digital Certificate


If you don't remember your User name


IMPORTANTEstudents who are EXTERNAL must have a digital certificate that is requested at the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre FNMT at

Instructions in pdf.