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The overall goal of PLEIADeS is

To improve and optimise irrigation and drainage systems by means of new technologies.

In this context, New Technologies (NT) include Earth observation, Geographical Information Systems, Information and Communication Tecnologies, and Decision-Support systems.

In order to achive this overall goal four specific objectives have been set:

  1. Benchmarcking case studies. PLEIADeS aims to assess the technical, economic, social and environmental performance of irigation systems in nine pilot case studies from around the world
  2. Tools based on new technologies (NT). In accordance with the identified needs of stakeholders, multu-level NT-assisted tools will be adapted and developed for farmers and other water managers to optimise their water use at farm, irrigation scheme and at river-basin levels.
  3. To conduct trial campaigns in pilot areas with the active participation of users at farm and irrigation scheme level.
  4. To evaluate the performances of the NT-assited tools using an extended evaluation system covering technical , economic, environmental, social and political dimensions and involving stakeholders at all levels over the whole lifetime of the project.

The scale of main interests is the irrigation scheme, with uplink to the river-basin and downlink to the farm level.

Download the PLEIADeS brochure