Support for linguistic skills

he Vice-chancellor´s office for Internationalization and Lifelong Learning, in order to provide continuity to the internationalization strategy at our university, which enables it to place it as a reference institution for international students, drives implementation of new measures for support for centres which enables the gradual set up of subjects in English, as well as the development of degrees and bilingual master´s which firstly, promote demand at our university by international students and, secondly, trips by our students to other universities.

In order to achieve these aims, the Vice-chancellor´s office in recent years has driven different actions aimed at improving the linguistic skills of the teaching staff at the UCLM centres. This is a fundamental tool for increasing the international mobility of teaching staff and increasing collaboration agreements between our university and other countries. For this reason, an annual support plan is set in motion which has enabled, by proposition of the centres, the co-financing of new projects which make a contribution towards improving the international profile by means of a bilingual academic programme

In the two calls made, a total of 24 of the requests have been granted, distributed in centres throughout all the campuses.

Contact: Guillermo Sánchez Rodríguez  Ext: 5025