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Preregistration and enrolment

Regulation for access to undergraduate studies at the UCLM for students who have previously started university studies and want to change their degree and/or university | See information

Enrolment: The syllabus is intended to be developed in consecutive years. The registration will be done within the terms established by the University, which will be properly announced| Matrícula en estudios de Grado en la UCLM

Minimum enrolment requirements

  • First year students: Full-time students may enrol in at least 48 credits and no more than 60 credits. Part-time students may enrol in at least 30 credits. Students must pass a minimum of 6 credits in the first year, regardless of their dedication regime.Recognised non-university studies, participation in university, cultural and sport activities, as well as student representation, solidarity and cooperation activities, provided for in the Royal Decree 1393/07 modified by Royal Decree 861/10.
  • Following years: Full-time students will not be able to enrol in a number of credits greater than 72 less than, unless they need less credits to finish the Bachelor’s Degree. Part-time students will enrol for a number of credits equal to or less than 48 and equal to or greater than 24, except from those who need less credits to complete the studies.


Students must enrol in subjects pending from previous years and will not be able to complete the enrolment unless this requirement is met. 

Students will have 6 opportunities to take the exams of each subject. Non assistance to the final test will result in automatic failure. This rule will not apply  to the special call for termination or to the extraordinary call which, in any case, will result, for academic and administrative purposes, in the consummation of the call, regardless of the appearance or not from the student to the final test.

Regulation for the Permanence official Degree and Master Studies at the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

Enrolment’s modification

We offer two periods for enrolment’s modification:

  • During the enrolment’s period and until September 8, the registration may be modified when the reasons-why are duly justified and accredited.If the modification implies a decrease in the registration fee, a refund or financial compensation will be done in the second payment period.
  • Likewise, in the period from January 26 to February 6, request for enrolment extensions and subject changes will be accepted when this does not imply a decrease in credits. This modification may only affect second semester subjects, and the enrolment will be conditional on the existence of vacant positions.

This modification will be made by self-enrolment within the established period.

Cancellation of registration

  • Students may cancel or modify enrolments once the established periods have concluded, only in cases when duly justifies circumstances concur, which will be assessed by the Permanence Committee. If these circumstances arise, established by the Resolution of the Permanence Commission dated March 31, 2011, the student will have the right to a refund of the fee. In no case the administrative fees will be refunded.
  • The cancellation of enrolments will be accepted, without refund of the amount paid for public prices, when it is requested before December 31 of the corresponding course, provided that it does not imply the breach of the applicable regulations.
  • The cancellation will be made ex oficio by the UCLM when the student does not meet any of the necessary requirements to formalize the enrolment or when the payment of the enrolment has not been made within the established deadlines. In these cases, if the student registers again in the same degree and subjects, they will pay the public prices corresponding to the credits registered in the second registration.


Special call for completion (December)

It must be requested at the time of registration. See the requirements in the Academic Standards and Syllabus 2014-2015 (Libro de Normas Académicas y Planes de estudios 2014-2015). It is essential to present the application in the UGAC specifying the call to which the student resigns.


The cancellation of the special closing call may be requested until November 7 at the Academic Management Unit of the corresponding campus.

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Offer of file transfer places

Places offered in Audiovisual Communication 

Regulation for accessing undergraduate studies at the UCLM for students who have previously started university studies and want to change their degree and/or university.