Wind and Power Systems

IER’s Wind Energy and Power Systems Section aims to develop applied research and technical advice in the field of wind energy.

  • In the field of research, most of the lines are concerned with the integration of wind energy in the power system, helping to increase its competitiveness against other power generation systems. In this regard, this Section is involved in several research projects under the protection of public and private entities, both locally and at state level.
  •  With regard to the technical advice, services to various wind stakeholders, including wind turbine manufacturers, wind farm developers and public administrations are provided.
  •  The Wind Energy and Power Systems Section also works in the field of energy efficiency with particular attention to energy efficiency in lighting.
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Contact: Emilio Gómez Lázaro, 967 599 200 ext.: 8200,

Research group
Acrónimo: EERR
Año de formación: 2002
Teléfono: (+34) 967 599 200. EXT. 2418
Fax: (+34) 967 599 224
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Nombre: Emilio Gomez Lazaro
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