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Chairs and University-Company Classrooms


he chairs and University-Company lecture halls are instruments which are used to establish long term agreements between the university and one or various companies or public or private institutions in one or various fields of knowledge, so as to carry out teaching, research, or cultural activities or any other activity which is of mutual interest to the parts, within the competences and objectives of the University of Castilla-La Mancha. These instruments are considered to be patronage activities, regulated by Law 49/2002 of the 23rd of December of the tax system for non-profit making organizations and tax incentives for patronage.

In these types of collaborations all parts may receive benefits. The university benefits because it can put at the disposal of its students experience which will enable them to have greater knowledge of the business world by means of training activities, participation in research and development projects, technical conferences, etc. Moreover, the university teaching and research staff may benefit from this collaboration, by mean of recycling activities in company buildings on any specific issue, research works, training activities, etc.

An outstanding benefit obtained for the company, is its connection with the heart of research and knowledge at the university, as well as the opportunity to make strategic projects, thereby improving the connection between knowledge and the social and economic environment.

Although they share the same objectives, there are some differences between the chairs and the University-Company lecture halls, such as the minimum financial contribution needed to form them, which amounts to 40,000 euros a year for chairs and 10,000 euros for lecture halls. The duration of one or the other instrument also varies since the chair requires at least three extendable years, whilst the lecture halls just require one year.

How to set up a lecture hall or UCLM-Company chair?

  • The creation of a chair or UCLM lecture hall may be the initiative of any professor or university researcher or any of its governing institutions, as well as the external companies or institutions themselves which wish to collaborate with the university in this mode.
  • The proposal to create a chair or lecture hall will be shown to the vice-chancellor to whom authority in this matter has been delegated, who will study it and draw up a report for the chancellor who will, in turn, make the creation of a chair or lecture hall official by signing the appropriate agreement. In this sense, you may wish to become acquainted with Law 49/2002, of the 23rd of December, regarding the tax system for non-profit making organizations and tax incentives for patronage.
  • The vice-chancellor which is entrusted with authority in these matters, will take on the duties of coordination and supervision to guarantee the objectives of the chairs or lecture halls are fulfilled.

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