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Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

The European Commission grants the UCLM the Human Resources Excellence in Research Award


That endorses the adhesion of UCLM to the content of the “Charter for European Researchers” and  the “Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers”, reference documents prepared by the European Commission and aimed at both researchers and the entities that hire or finance them, and to which the regional University presented its willingness to adhere by signing the Declaration of Commitment in February 2018.


The European Charter focuses on the rights, responsibilities and duties of researchers, their employers and the entities that fund them; while the Code of conduct aims to establish good practices and improve the transparency of personnel selection processes, proposing various methods to assess merit, and not simply summarizing it, for example, in the number of publications.


This award is a recognition of the institutional effort to establish a coherent human resources strategy and offer better internal practices, as well as to increase the visibility of the institution at an international level and help to attract and retain talent, since it is a guarantee for researchers, technical and support staff.


In addition, it will strengthen the position of the university when it comes to get funds in competitive calls, not only at a European level, but at national level that will be also consider.


This award must undergo periodic evaluation every two years, in order to be renewed. So far, 414 organizations, 72 of them Spanish, have received the HR Excellence in Research Award.


By signing the Declaration of Commitment, the UCLM took the first step to begin the development of a human resources strategy. A working group was created with the objective of carrying out an internal analysis, receiving information from the researchers themselves through the completion of a survey. Once this analysis was carried out, a series of actions were proposed to ensure continuous improvement, being concretized in the Action Plan that can be consulted here below.


The application for the Obtaining the seal was sent by the UCLM to the European Commission at the beginning of December 2018.


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